03/06/2024 Christine Bae Solo Exhibition

03/06/2024 Christine Bae Solo Exhibition


This was my second solo exhibition held at Insa Art Center Seoul.
This year, I exhibited a mix of works that I was experimenting with and existing works. That is also why exhibition was titled 'on the road'

The phrase "on the road" has two meanings
First, I felt like I was standing alone on a two way road. 
Should I stick to the style of existing work? or Should you experiment with something new? But It wasn't a matter of forcing me to choose or not?
Because I felt an unknown thirst for existing work, and before I knew it, I found  myself already trying new works.
Second, the subject of my work is mainly about the scenery encountered on the road.

Well then, let's first look at the poster hanging in front of gallery

 Solo Exhibition 
 Christine Bae

Insa Art Center, 4FL, Insadonggil 41-1, Jongro, Seoul, Korea
2024.03.06 ~ 03.11

Entrance of the gallery

When you enter the entrance, there is an artist statement.

It's hard to see in the picture, so I'll write here. 

On the road

‘The silence found in the still landscape'

My days are filled with walks and meditation. There, I move the camera around like a movie director and stop at a certain scene. And I find myself become quiet in the captured scene.

My landscape is not about a massive mountain or a massive river. Rather, it is a story of themes I am familiar with. My everyday existence, which revolves largely around my neighborhood, exposes me to the same view every day.
The café’s windows and lights, the trees on the path I pass every day, the stones and ground, the grass and wildflowers that break through the sidewalk blocks. A hue in the distance captures my attention as I walk. Sometimes it's yellow, and sometimes it's pink. That one color becomes the protagonist in the backdrop, which was entirely gray at the time.

To get such emotionally resonating hues on the screen, I repeat numerous brushstrokes and hundreds of layers. Pressed rice paper is the ideal material for these rich hues. This is due to its 

ability to convey both ink smears and the growth of dense hues at the same time. Depth of colors can be obtained by layering multiple thin layers of Japanese paints.

I wanted to include these two sensibilities into my paintings.

The former is known as the aesthetics of emptiness, while the latter is known as the aesthetics of fullness. This appears to be an ironic logic, but I believe that if the balance is struck well, there is the capacity for distinct beauty to emerge somewhere.





 Someone asked me why I chose this red work as a representative work.
I answered that it was like a cornerstone for moving on to the next work.

It was a quiet exhibition this time. For this show, I wanted to take some time to organize quietly by myself rather than publicizing it to the outside world.

How was it? Did you enjoy the exhibition?
You can watch more on youtube.



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