Christine Bae's work attempts to express multiple emotions by mixing seemingly-contradicting elements on the screen.


Christine Bae

Christine Bae's work experiments with the creation of a composition by mixing seemingly-contradicting elements on the screen.

Juxtaposing B&W and color, pictorial elements and design, landscape and figure, line and area, soft elements and hard elements, the mix of ink painting with color, retro and modern, and adding decorative elements to dark screens—her work attempts to express multiple emotions.

Christine Bae is an artist who works and lives in Seoul, South Korea.
She earned bachelors degree for Fine Arts, majored in Chinese Painting, Seoul, South Korea.
After having spent several years working as elementary school teacher, she went to New York, US for masters degree in Fine Arts. As she didn't finished the MFA, however, studied Textile Design in New York.
Working as a textile designer in home furnishing industry, design inspired her painting. 

Now back in Korea, she is developing the multi-sensory that she discovered whilst living in US.

Her practice, Sumi Ink and Janpanese color on rice paper, is traditional in medium, although the images are from the landscape that she experience in everyday life.

Personal Instagram @christine_baeks