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Artist Christine Bae

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Christine Bae's work experiments with the creation of a composition by mixing seemingly-contradicting elements on the screen

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  • Shallow Art

    How deep is your art? About the depth and quality of art.

    Last time, we pondered on what makes us, artists, continue to work in art; this time, let’s have a conversation on what truly good works are and what art with depth is. 

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  • Art & Money

    You lost passion because your painting does not make money for you. Money matters to you?
    There is an old saying that when doctors gather, they talk about art, while artists talk about money.

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  • Exhibition Episode

    Staying in the gallery all day long is kind of boring.

    However, the silence changed to delight when I met new people and got feedback from them.
    Let me bring the memory of the day.

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