20220831 Christine Bae Solo Show Episode#4

20220831 Christine Bae Solo Show Episode#4

 Staying in the gallery all day long is kind of boring.

However, the silence changed to delight when I met new people and got feedback from them.
Let me bring the memory of the day.
I can remember three people who gave me positive feedback.
The view point was different depend on personal perspectives.
It can be summarized in three perspectives.
-cropped scene
-potential contemporary painting
-real fine art: the fine art of brush stroke

Middle aged couple came up and talked to me.
"I'm quite impressed by  your painting. The way of you compose the canvas is very unique."
The gentle man defined my painting as 'cropped scene'
I understand what he is trying to say. You may agree with the opinion.
Let me show you one of the example.

In this painting, what do you see in the conception of cropped scene?
That is exactly what I intended thing: Cropped Subject
You may ask me a question.
'Why didn't you complete the shape of dog in the painting?'
In my perception of beauty, leaving the part of the whole shape and a room for imagination is more splendid.
Most of painters try to fill out corner to corner just because they decided to draw a thing. However, sometimes it is better to balance the space excluding part of subject.

Until now, I've explained the meaning of 'cropped' as physically and literally.
In another sense, cropped image can be explained as a different viewpoint.

If there is anyone who can recognize the uniqueness of composition in the painting above, she or he must have a long time experience in fine arts. 
It is about photographic issue when you take a picture. And it is not a different issue to transform the scene to the painting. 
We, painters are cooks who play with screen. It's unfortunate, but somewhere you have to cut out and somewhere you have to focus. When sources are properly arranged, it can produce good taste and create balance as well.

In that point, I was so appreciated for them to recognize artist's intention. 

Second, Potential Contemporary Painting
What is contemporary painting?
A gentle man who said he is doing music business and a composer walked me up and gave me a direction to go.
He said,
"In this modern wold, no body will like your dark painting. Just like furniture, modern people favor of simple design. Who buy a closet with rococo style carved? "
And continued his comments.
" If there is one I consider as contemporary is that one."
He pointed out one of my paintings displayed. 
See the below.

 Do you agree with the gentleman's view?
I don't know.

Leaving the questions behind, let's jump to third issue.

Third, Real Fine Arts
The middle aged lady was the most impressive visitor in my solo show. 
She was so impressed by my paintings that she was standing there for more than 40 minutes. 
She said,
"It's been so long since I've seen real brush work of painting. I've missed a fine art of fine art."
The reason I was so pleased with the lady's compliments was because she's been art-world more than 40 years as a professional painter.
When someone give you a big compliment, you can tell which is real and which is fake.
Yes. It was real. 
She proved it by visiting the gallery again next day.
I was surprised seeing her again. 
She talked to me with a big smile.
"Your paintings were in my mind for the rest day of yesterday. 
 So I came here to meet the artworks once more."
How sweet she is!!
Her home was far from the gallery. 
With a hour of driving, in this traffic jam city, just to see the paintings!

On a rainy day at the end of summer, how happy is it to have even just one fan in the world who recognize your work?
Sometimes, just one is enough. 
Creating art is hard work, but meeting people who agree with your work is a joy.

Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/christine_baeks
watch in Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UmjontPr5_s 


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