Christine Bae Solo Exhibition Episode #2

Christine Bae Solo Exhibition Episode #2

 Entrance of the gallery!

It was amazing experience that watching audience's reaction and having comments from them. 
Some people just skipped my artworks with a quick glance.
Some people stayed there for a long time as if they met a destiny. 

I know I can't meet everybody's taste.
And it is not the way art supposed to be.

I know, I know everything.

None the less, I get hurt when I hear they saying,
"This painter never try hard working. Look at the paintings. Never went out mountain to sketch the big landscape!"
An old man with newsboy hat had it in mind that landscape should be painted with mountains and big trees.

My paintings, however, made of small things near me.
Small things that everyday I encounter; window, architectural shape, lights, garden, my dog, scene that I encountered on the street. 
To me, big scaled landscape is not for me. I'm too overwhelmed by the giant nature scene to draw them into my tiny canvas.

One hour later, I get heart by an audience's criticism again.
"This guy very much likes manhole cover!"
Yeah.. Yeah...
He must be directing  those yellow manhole cover included paintings. 
"I knew that it was moonlight! Closer look it was manhole cover!"
The old man kind of disappointed because it was not the moon. 
Yes, if you define them as landscape painting, the moon would be more romantic than manhole cover. 

To all artists in the world!
How do you handle with diverse criticism?
Since it was first time, my mind act like amateur going up and down.
After being established artist, would you be able to stand still without shaking? 
Could I be able to ignore outside people chat?
To whom we should listen carefully?
To whom we should ignore completely?
I really don't know yet.

Whereas, there were more friendly audiences who were deeply impressed by my artworks. 
Let me talk later about the episode.

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