Christine Bae Solo Exhibition Episode #3

Christine Bae Solo Exhibition Episode #3

A group show was being held in the next room.
They were ceramic artists from Busan which is the 2nd largest city in Korea.
Watching it, I got appreciated for my current status; I reside in Seoul.

Although the artists are all established ones, they tried hard work to show their artworks in the biggest city of Seoul. Just like all the artist from world want to have recognition in New York.
Since ceramic art works are easily fragile, it was not the things that transported via post service. Some of them carried the artwork with them and others used special art service which is cost high. And it cost higher staying in Seoul during exhibition days.

A professor and a professional artist in their local area. Isn't it enough? 
Why we would eager to expand the world I belong to?
Why we would desperately try hard to set oneself to center area?
Anybody answer for me? 


Leaving the questions behind,
Have I told you in the former blog that there were more friendly audiences who gave me positive criticism. 

A lady in 20's directly jumped into my show room and talked to me with bright smile. 
"I was so impressed by your exhibition poster outside!. That's why I'm attracted to come this space. Your painting was gorgeous and I'd like to see more paintings"
How sweet she is!
Giving you more detail, my show room was in 4th floor. 

I'd normally thought that the poster things were an old fashioned advertising method and nobody would glance at it.  Yeah, that poster hang outside of the gallery. 
Modern people watch instagram and youtube. 
Lady in 20's is closest to modern people.
And she watch street scenes and impressed by physical things instead of digital things.   

Moreover, my painting subjects are far from cool ones. 
See that?


As an artist(self called or majority called), you get discouraged often. 
But when you believe in someone beyond, you get a courage and stand up again. 
This is the moment like this.
The belief that there must be a group of people who like my artworks. There must be someone who agree to my conceptions. Thus, I'm not alone. 

That's all for today
I need to go.

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