Chritstine Bae Solo Exhibition Episode #1

Chritstine Bae Solo Exhibition Episode #1

Although It seems like late news, I'm pleased to announce my first solo exhibition episode to you. 
The exhibition was held at the Insa Artcenter, Seoul, South Korea from August 31th to Septemper 5th 2022.
First, let's take a look at the exterior of the Insa Artcenter.
There is christine Bae's solo exhibition poster hanging in the front of the building.
insa gallery
Insa Artcenter is located in the midst of insa village which is traditionally famous for gallery area zone in Seoul, South Korea Just like Chelsea or Greenwich village in New York.
You may wonder about the posters above. 
Why are there so many posters at the same time? Are these all yours?
No wonder.

The gallery is made of a six story building exclusively used for gallery show only.
So, from basement to six floor, there are many artist's exhibition is being held at the same time. 
You can walk in the building just like a shopping department store, which means you can get what you want at one place without unnecessary hussle.

insa gallery2
I like the exterior of the small garden in the front of the building. Trees and green green make me feel relaxed before I start the gallery tour. 
In the end, the reason you came to this place is because you want to refresh your soul. Isn't it? 

With that reason, I kind of admire the building owner's mind. He might have used the territory as a full demand.
The real estate is crazily expensive in Seoul. Moreover in the midst of the golden egg area, the owner gave up more money of margin over  nature.
That kind of extra space really give me a rest in this crowded city.

Now Insa village(Insa dong)is full of tourists on weekend. It's not difficult to find foreigners on the streets. They sit on the wooden stairs of the building and chat, resting tired legs of tourism.

After all, the valuable thing is someone's generosity contributed to anonymous people regardless of being noticed or not.
I believe that it would be a more beautiful world, if that kind of mind left foot steps on this earth.  
In that sense, I appreciate the building owner's gratitude.

Oh, where did I leave off?
Oh, I was talking about my solo exhibition. right?
TMI was so long. 

Now, let's get into the gallery show
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